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At CoWork Columbus, we offer the office environment you want - without the excess you don’t. The concept is defined as "coworking". It’s a flexible work environment designed for any-and-all sized companies and organizations, from a one-man shop, a growing startup, team of traveling consultants or established operation. If you run a business and don’t want the headaches and obligations of a lengthy, pricey and square foot-heavy office space lease or purchase, the co-working environment is perfect fit for you and your business.

About CoWork Columbus

CoWork Amenities

Exactly the office environment you want - without the excess you don’t.

Dedicated Desks

CoWork Columbus’ Dedicated Desks are your home office away from home: a desk reserved just for you where you can plant pictures of the kids or pets and still have access to the amenities of a larger office.

Located in the Eagle and Phenix complex in the heart of Uptown, CoWork Columbus will offer 6 private offices, 18 private dedicated desks and more than 50 flexible workstations. Members will enjoy access to a full complement of amenities including 2 shared conference rooms with full A/V functionality, 3 private phone booths for your more personal conversations, a fully stocked refreshment cafe, a high-speed color copier/printer/scanner, and Wi-Fi connectivity with a dedicated fiber network. CoWork Columbus is an ideal workplace solution for startups, established companies, consultants and freelancers wanting to get out of the home or humdrum office complexes.

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